Woocommerce Email Report

Send email with WooCommerce reports periodically.

Get your daily sales reports, monthly, yearly …
Stay informed about the finances of your online store.
With just three steps:
1. – Choose frequency
2. – Choose report
3. – Select destination emails



You can enable the users notifications, so when new Points are registered, your users will receive an email.


You can use the tokens:

[num_points] : Number of points got.

[points_label] : The ‘Points’ label.

[ref_id] : The order id that generates the points.

[description] : The points description if they have one.

[status] : The points status

[username] : The username.

Woocommerce Gateway

We are finishing the Woocommerce Gateway Integration.


Comming soon …

Woocommerce Product Labeling



Backup your WordPress installation files and database.

Install and activate the Woocommerce Product Labeling

Add the new plugin you have received and activate it:

Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and click the Browse… button to select the plugin’s zip file, usually woo-product-labeling-x.y.z.zip (x, y and z are the plugin’s current version numbers).

After that proceed to activate the plugin.

If you have errors, review the plugin’s page located here: http://eggemplo.com/plugins/woocommerce-product-labeling for similar problems and the proposed solutions posted in the comments.



This plugin requires:

Woocommerce > 2.4

Setup Woocommerce Product Labeling

If you have not done so already, install and activate the plugin (see Installation section).

From the products edit page you can configure it.

1.- Choose a label to show (if empty, not label is shown)

2.- Select a predefined class, or a custom class to create your own style.

3.- If You have choose custom class, then set this class.

In the plugin, you have an empty css file where you can add your own code (in woo-product-labeling/css/custom.css)


Once the plugin is installed, enabled and configured, it begins to run.

Products with labels added, will be shown with.



If you have received or downloaded an updated version of the Woocommerce Product Labeling plugin, follow these
instructions to update it:


Back up your WordPress installation files and database.

Upgrade to the new release

Upgrading requires to replace the plugin.

To update, the plugin must be deactivated, deleted and the new release uploaded and activated. These
are the steps involved:

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins, click Deactivate on the Woocommerce Product Labeling plugin, then click Delete to remove it.
Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and click the Browse… button to select the new release’s zip file, and click on the Install Now button. After it has been installed, activate the plugin.