WooPoints – User Points
Display your most active members as a widget.


You have available the shortcodes:


To display a list of users with their total points.


To display an user total points.


To display a table with the current user points.

[woopoints_request_coupon min="100"]

Display a ‘request coupon’ form. So the users can convert their points into discount coupons. With the “min” attribute you can indicate the minimum points needed to request a coupon.


Here you can see a ‘My Points’ user page using the shortcode:


Admin Points

From the dashboard, you can manage the points, editing, removing and/or adding manually.

Now you can mark as paid easily your points using the bulk actions.



Edit them:


Installation and Setup


  1. Download the extension from your dashboard
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload and select the ZIP file you just downloaded
  3. Click Install Now, and then Activate
  4. Click the Configure link and read the next section to learn how to setup and configure the plugin.

Setup and Configuration

General Setup

After installing the plugin, the first thing you should do is setup your configuration by going to Woocommerce Points > Options

From the General tab you can set how do you want to name the ‘points’.

Is from Orders tab where you can set how many points the users get for every dollar/euro spent.

From Rewards tab  you can set how many dollar/euro the users get for every 100 points. If you set 5, then if the user has 500 points, then he can get a coupon of $25 ( 5 x ( 500 / 100 ) )


For create ‘My points’ page you can use the shortcodes available. In Pages tab you can use an example:


Now you can use the plugin, this has been easy !!