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WooEmailReport – Woocommerce email reports



Send your sales reports with WooCommerce by email.
Receives reports periodically, every day, every month, …, totals, monthly, daily, …


2 thoughts on “WooEmailReport – Woocommerce email reports

  1. I am needing support for: Woocommerce Group Pricing

    My client wants to add a price group for all VIP members. Then they want to set the price per item to a specific price when that customer logs in and purchases.

    For Example: The regular price for the normal visitor is $454 per a particular tire. When the VIP customer logs in he now sees $450.

    I need to set a specific price per item for example:

    Tire 1: $400 Regular $350 VIP
    Tire 2: $400 Regular $383 VIP
    Tire 3: $400 Regular $378 VIP

    and so on…Can this plugin do this? I so how?



    1. Sorry, answered in Codecanyon.
      “you could set ‘amount’ as ‘Products discount method’ in Woocommerce->Group Pricing. Then you can set 50 in Tire1, 17 in Tire2 …”

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