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Woocommerce Role Purchasable

Make your Woocommerce products purchasable according to the user’s role. Now you have available the ‘guest’ pseudo-role, so your product could be purchasable only for registered users.

You need:


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2 thoughts on “Woocommerce Role Purchasable

  1. Hi,

    Just what I was looking for. Just one problem, the purchase decline message is a bit harsh and confusing. Could you add a way to customize the message so that people won’t get immediately turned off when they try to purchase on a general-access guest account?

    1. Hi sklon,
      exactly what is the message?
      When a product is not purchasable, then the ‘Add to cart’ button is not available, but I don’t know what is the message.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

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