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Woocommerce Groups Pricing

Woocommerce Group Pricing

Shows different prices according to the user’s group. Special discounts for commercials, wholesales, Premium …

You need:






74 thoughts on “Woocommerce Groups Pricing

  1. Hi Antonio, I use variable products and have setup all items with group-based prices, but my prices do not change in the front-end. Not in the shop, and not in the cart.

    1. Thanks fairestmedia,
      please be sure you have set correct discounts value (these must be less than 1 if you are using rates, ex. 10% is 0.10)
      If your values are correct, you can send us dashboard admin access to and we’ll have a look at your settings (please indicate your username and the variable product in the email).
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  2. Hi Antonio,

    My plugin is installed but I can’t activate the plugin. What is wrong?

    1. Hi Christian,
      exactly what is the problem ? Can you see any error message? If you want, you can send us dashboard admin access to and we’ll have a look at your settings.
      Kind regards,
      Antonio B.

  3. Hi Antonio,

    (I think I may have used my email address,, last time I posted this here. Garrett is the person who is actually registered with CodeCanyon, and his email address is now in the message header.)

    Here it is again

    I have recently purchased your WooCommerce Group Pricing plugin. We were quite pleased at how nicely it solved one of our issues concerning memberships. This following description is a bit complicated, so I hope you are already familiar with many of the things to be discussed here.

    The Solutions:

    Let me give some background. We at are building a website for an upscale heath club providing various class training offerings and personal training services.

    1) Class training sessions are scheduled in the form of event tickets as products using WP Events, WP Groups, Woo Group Pricing plugin, and EventON with EventON Ticketing plugins. With this collection of plugins we are able to turn an event into a scheduled, bookable, ticketed product. Class training is free to the health club members but costs a price for non-members. This is where your plugin is quite useful to us. Groups logic is implemented so that users belonging to the Members group do not have to pay for class lessons, only guests will have to do so.

    2) Personal training sessions are scheduled in the form of Bookable Products using the Woo Bookings plugin, This differs from the Class training in that it requires the use of a graphical calendar widget (included) and Woo Bookings Resources (the actual personal trainers). These personal training sessions are not discounted for health club members.

    3) This is related to item 2 (above) regarding discounting. We do use Woo Smart Coupons to establish prepaid volume discount coupons for anyone, whether a member or a non-member. For instance we are offering personal training session 10-packs at a 20% discount below the price of 10 separately purchased personal training sessions. Smart coupons allows us to sell a 10-pack coupon as an actual product, much like a gift certificate but tied to a specific product. The value of this 10-pack coupon gets smaller with use, which is very useful to us.

    The Problems:

    Both of the above solutions are adversely impacted by Woo Group Pricing. This plugin works well when limited to its use in signing up for Classes (item 1 above). However, the following is a list of problems caused by this plugin to other functionality:

    1) Even though personal training sessions (bookable products) are discountable, they are never free. For some reason when a anyone books a training session it is always displayed as being free. When I deactivate Woo Group Pricing this behaves as it supposed, that is it displays a price.

    2) As a result of the problems above the 10-pack of prepaid discount coupons never lose their initial value. This problem is really tied to the one just above.

    3) All product sale prices never display. Only product base prices display. When Woo Group Pricing is deactivated product sale pricing will once again display.

    We would very like to have these problems solved and would love to have your help with this.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Signedon,
      really I haven’t test both plugins together (EventON and Woo Groups Pricing).
      If you want, you can send us dashboard admin access to (indicating this conversation), and we’ll have a look at your settings (please make a full backup before, but don’t worry we’ll not change anything).
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  4. Hi Antonio,
    I have problem with prices in e-shop. When I deactive plugin – in products it display regular price, e-shop price and sale in percents. When I active plugin It display only regular price. Could you help me please

    1. Hi Spionsuskin,
      update 2.6.2 fix this issue. It has been sent to codecanyon. It will soon be available.
      Antonio B.

  5. Hi Antonio,

    I have problem with prices in e-shop again 🙂 I don’t know how I set up prices in plugin. This is price without discount.

    1. Hi,
      please update to the new code.
      Now “was and now” is displayed only if a discount is applicable.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

      1. Hi,

        it doesn’t work 🙁

        1. Hi,
          please give us:
          – The product’s price and sale price
          – Your discount method and ‘apply to’ options in Woocommerce->Groups Pricing
          – The user discount applied.
          – And what you see now when visit the product page with this user and as guest.
          Antonio B.

  6. I have a problem right WooCommerce Groups Pricing does this variable. Settings are as follows. I wish for each variable products not specifically reduction percentage.

    Once the desired reduction in the field to the variable and save the product then lowering deleted and disappears.


    an you see what the problem is?

    Very important to work for the reduction of variables. And that reduction can keep.
    I recently bought a plugin to


    1. In the mail the other day I sent login data

      1. Thanks, answered.

    2. Hi,
      I tried to set 0.10 as value in a variation, and the value is saved correctly, please try with this value, maybe you were putting a wrong value.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  7. I installed and activated it, but it doesn’t stay activated. It gives me the success message of it activing then when I refresh the page, poof it’s inactivate. Any ideas?

    1. Hi Thomas,
      usually you should have an error message. Please try to redownload the plugin and reinstall.
      If it doesn’t work, you can send us dashboard admin access to indicating this comment and we’ll have a look at your settings.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  8. Hi,
    How can I massively update the groups pricing? I am using WP All import to import all my products from a csv file and I can’t seem to find a way to update the groups pricing using this tool.

    Is there a custom field I can edit to set the different group prices per product?


    1. Hi Yael,
      remember that you set the discount applied, so if you need to apply a 10% to ‘Premium’ group, then you only need to set 0.10 as main settings to this group (you don’t need to set this discount in all products page).
      If you need to set importing this values, the value is stored as post meta ‘groups_pricing_value_XXX’ (XXX is the group’s id)
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

      1. hi antonio. how about if we aren’t setting discount percentage in overall. but setting discount only for several products which is have special price each group, is this possible to do bulk price upload using WP All Import? thanks!

        1. Hi Thomyum,
          Sorry, right now you can do it using this plugin. We’ll try to add an import/export feature/tool to the next update.
          Thanks for the suggestion.
          Kind Regards,
          Antonio B.

          1. hi antonio, im looking forward for it. can you give me some solution to cheat this feature?
            i will using wp all import to bulk upload products and update product price and stock regulary. but having problem to set special product price per group. can i set group price in each product category? so all product within that product category will have same discount price.


          2. Hi,
            if you set a general discount (rate or amount) or a category discount, then it doesn’t depend of your product import process.
            Remember that with our plugin you set the discount per group, not the price.
            Kind Regards,
            Antonio B.

    2. hi yael. do you successfully to update group price using WP All Import? i’m planning to use it with WP All Import also. Thanks.

      1. Hi Thomyum,
        Sorry, right now you can do it using this plugin. We’ll try to add an import/export feature/tool to the next update.
        Thanks for the suggestion.
        Kind Regards,
        Antonio B.

  9. Hi,

    There is a functionality to add our customer group in this plugin.
    Ex. if i want to add like member and dealer and other customer in this plugin


    1. Hi Hanif,
      this plugin is based on Groups. With Groups you can create all groups that you need and the users to these groups.
      According with all your groups created, you can set different discounts with this plugin.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  10. Hi Antonio,

    Because, i want to apply discount individual products with customer group.
    Could you clarify, this plugin is perfect for this type of functionality.


    1. Hi Hanif,
      Yes, you can set a general discount per groups, but also you can set individual discount per products and per groups.
      So if you have:
      ProductA, ProductB and ProductC
      Default discount to GroupA of 10%
      ProductA-GroupA discount of 15%
      So, users in GroupA have a discount of:
      15% in productA
      10% in ProductB
      10% in ProductC
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

      1. hi antonio, can we set the group price not in discount percentage?

        ie : product A, normal price $10. group A price $8. group B price $9. i mean setting group price not in discount rate.

        if there are 1000 items sku in woocommerce. can we set it only 1 product that will get special price? the others 999 product is normal price.


        1. Hi thomyum,
          Sorry, you can only set the discount. But in Woocommerce->Groups Pricing you can set amount instead of rate, to calculate the final price easily.
          If you only need to set a discount to a product, don’t set a discount in the general settings (Woocommerce->Group Pricing). When you edit the product you have a ‘Groups Pricing’ tab to set this custom discount.
          Kind Regards,
          Antonio B.

  11. Thanks Antonio,

    You provides us valuable time for my queries.

  12. Hi,

    Im using WC 2.5.2 together with Groups pricing plugin.
    Since I updated to WC 2.5.2 there are some issues with prices not showing the correct price.
    As a normal customer some products are the price showed with a special group price but then the product is put into the basked the correct price is on the product.
    And for members in a special group there special price are not showed, only the normal price.
    It is only on some products and not all.

    Hope you can help.

    BR Compressport DK

    1. Hi Compressport,
      we are working in a issue wirh variable products. Maybe your products that generate error are variable product?
      If they aren’t variable products, please give us an url to have a look.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

      1. Hi Antonio,

        Yes it is with variable products but not all just some.

        1. Thanks,
          please give me a few days to fix it.
          Kind Regards,
          Antonio B.

  13. Hi there,

    I notice that when I have a product with a sale price, after installing your plugin the sale price is not working. It only uses the regular price when the customer is checking out.

    -product has regular and sale price (67,99 and 64,99)
    -the customer logs in (this is only for logged in customers!)
    -they see the price 67,99. it also changes the look and feel on the product page how the price is shown (67,99 is score out and 64,99 is shown big normally, but when the plugin is activated is shows WAS and NOW.
    -I have 2 groups, registered and VIP, where registered are the customers who has an account on my website.
    -when i disable the group pricing, it all works again.

    please advise and fix this error please. thank you.

    1. Hi Edaine,
      If you need to apply the discount to sale prices (if they exists), please select ‘Sale price’ as Apply to in Woocommerce->Groups Pricing
      In your case, your user is in two groups, so you can select the rule “If in several groups”
      Relating to the look and feel, usually the problem is with the css of your theme. You need to apply class css style (if you share your url, I can help you with this).
      If the problem persist, you can send me dashboard admin access to and I’ll have a look at your settings.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  14. Antonio,

    I just purchased this plugin. I’ve installed it and everything is working well, just as advertised. I’m pleased with my purchase.

    I have one question for you though: is it possible to set different shipping and tax classes for different groups?

    i.e. I do not charge shipping to my normal customers but I do charge state sales tax. I would like to charge shipping to my wholesale group, but I do not want to charge them sales tax.

    Is there a way to calibrate different shipping and tax options for different groups, or can I only manipulate the price being shown to a certain group?


    1. Hi Langdon,
      this plugin doesn’t play with shipping and taxes, but I have created two codes about this, that you can use to create your custom solution.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  15. I noticed that when I click Save under the Groups Pricing section of the product edit page, it does not save my entries. But when I click the regular Update button without clicking that Save button first, it does save my entries. I don’t remember this happening before.

    Any idea as to what could be causing this?

    All plugins and WP is up to date.

    1. Hi Robert,
      please check if you have the latest plugin version. From Codecanyon downloads page you can get it.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  16. I have used this plugin and had an issue with it, when using this plugin with the woo commerce measurement calculator there are major issues with the price calculation. When calculating the price it doesn’t use the measurement calculator it takes the product as an item and uses the quantity value. Is there a fix for this already?

    1. Hi James,
      Sorry, it seems that both plugin are not compatible. If you send me your plugin to antonio at itthinx dot com I can try to find a solution.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  17. Hey,

    I have bought your plugin for my website and it works perfect on simple products. But if i open a variable product, the price in the listing is the “normal price” and the one on the product page too. If i then select the desired variation it shows the discounted price? I would like the plugin to show the right price in the listing and on the product page.

    Kind Regards, Joey H

    1. Hi Joey,
      Please be sure you have the latest plugin version, you can get it from your downloads codecanyon page.
      If the problem persists, you can send me dashboard admin access to info at eggemplo dot com and I’ll have a look at your settings.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  18. Hi, i’ll try to do a gift card on my shop, with the plug in “product add ons” i’ve set a select box with the price list, in the shop same to be ok but when i put the selected gift card in the cart the price is always set to 0 euro, not the price that i had selected.
    After some test i’ve find that was a conflict with “woo commerce Group price”, if i disable your plugin “gift card” work properly… but i need group price on my site. I’ve all the last version of plugin. Do you have a solution?
    Now the gift card are not published, they was in draft mode.
    Thank a lot for your help.
    Sorry for my bad english

    1. Hi Valerio,
      If you send me a copy of your ‘product add ons’ plugin to , I can try to make both compatibles.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

      1. I’ve send you, thanks a lot!

        1. Thanks,
          The problem was with Woocommerce Bulk Prices plugin.
          Kind Regards,
          Antonio B.

  19. Hola Antonio,
    i’ve purchased the plugin on Codecanyon and I have tested the way that it interacts with the original and discounted price of woocommerce.
    Now, if i set the plugin to discount method : “Rate” and apply to : “Original Price”, woo commerce discounted price is ignored.
    I would like to apply the discount ONLY if it’s higher than the one i’ve set in the woo commerce product.

    Product A:
    Regular price: 100€
    Sale price: 80€ (20%)
    Group pricing discount: 10%

    Final price: 80€ (because 20% is higher that 10%)

    Product B:
    Regular price: 100€
    Sale price: 95€ (5%)
    Group pricing discount: 10%

    Final price: 90€ (because 10% is higher that 5%)

    Is it possible with your plugin? Messing with the code doesn’t scare me if it’s needed.

    Also, is it possible to have some control on the way the price is displayed when “Display original prices:” is checked? I would like to have original price crossed instead of “was: now:”.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Simone,
      if you select ‘Original Price’ the discount is based on the product price, not the sale price. If you select ‘Sale price’, then the discount is based on the sale price if this exists, else on the original price.
      The option to select the higher, it doesn’t exist. The code relating with this is in core/class-woogrouppricing.php line 64.
      Releting to the ‘was, now’, you can use the languages translation in the ‘languages’ subfolder. Or using the ‘wwo_group_pricing_display_original_prices’ filter.
      $result = apply_filters( 'wwo_group_pricing_display_original_prices', __( 'Was:', WOO_GROUP_PRICING_DOMAIN ) . $original_price . __( " Now:", WOO_GROUP_PRICING_DOMAIN ) . $price, $original_price, $price );
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  20. About to update the Groups Pricing Woocommerce plugin to latest version. Are there any special instructions I need to follow or things I should look out for, deactivate first, etc? Or do I just manually overwrite the old files with FTP?

    1. Hi Rob,
      1.- Deactivate the plugin.
      2.- Upload the new version from ftp, overwriting files.
      3.- Reactivate the plugin.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  21. Hi eggemplo, I have recently installed Groups pricing plugin, it works really well. There is one thing I have an issue with, it doesn’t display the retail price next to the discounted price? Is there a way to set this up? Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Kim,
      From Woocommerce->Group Pricing you have the ‘Display original prices’ option, and you can set the text, ex. ‘Before: [original_price], Now: [discounted_price]’.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  22. Hi Sir,
    I’ve bought Woocommerce Groups Pricing and it works just as expected for a few weeks. However now i am facing a problem:
    In the shop page, the original price is not shown for all my variable product. Simple products are all ok. I’ve set it to display original price in the plugin setting with the display is set to be like this: [original_price] [discounted_price]

    Everything is ok (all price is displayed) once i deactivate Woocommerce Groups Pricing, so I suspect this situation is due to the plugin. Right now the discount is set to Apply to: Regular Price. I changed it to Sale Price also still the same. May I have some assistance?
    Woocommerce : v4.7.1
    Woocommerce Groups Pricing : v3.0

    1. Hi Alharir,
      Please give me your Woocommerce->Groups Pricing setting, I’ll try to recreate the same scenario.
      What is your woocommerce version? when you say 4.7.1 I suppose that is the WordPress version.
      Antonio B.

    2. Please download the last version v.3.1 from Codecanyon.

      1. Hi Sir, I have updated the plugin to v3.1. but issue still persist. I tested in my staging site also same. Here’s what I did
        I can’t do these in my live site, so in the staging site,

        I changed to theme Twenty Seventeen.
        Then, deactivate all plugin except Woocommerce, Groups and Woocommerce Group Pricing.
        Result : Original price not displayed. Only the discounted price is displayed at all page.
        Then I deactivate Woocommerce Group Pricing.Result : Original price and discounted price is displayed as usual.
        My wordpress version is 4.7.1, My woocommerce version is 2.6.13 and My Woocommerce Group Pricing version is 3.1.
        I can send you temporary account if needed, kindly inform me where to send them. My live site is [edited]
        My Woocommerce->Groups Pricingsetting from top to bottom: Rate > Regular Price > Discounts > Higher Discount > ‘Ticked’ on Display Original Prices > Both prices text is set to ‘[original_price] [discounted_price]’

        1. Thanks,
          I can see the problem. If a guest user visits the shop, then the original variable prices aren’t displayed.
          I have sent you an email.
          Kind Regards,
          Antonio B.

      2. If you visit my site [edited] you can see there are products with original prices crossed besides the discounted price, and there are also products without the original prices crossed. The product without the original prices are all variable products. That’s the problem I am facing. I want the crossed prices to appear for the all product type. It was ok before though

  23. Hello,

    I installed the groups pricing plugin. Install went OK without errors. Following instructions and documentation, I left discount fields blank for groups or products where I did not want any discount to be applied. Doing so made it behave unexpectedly, and given my choices if no rule was defined then the product price was displaying as $1.

    I entered “0” instead of leaving these fields blank and this made it behave as expected. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong?

    The only drawback I can think of is that in some cases I may actually want to offer something for free to some groups, and “0” as a final price value is not actually working that way. Please see this link for snippets:


    1. Hi Jonathan,
      This seems an issue. We are working on it.
      Thank you very much for informing us about the error.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

    2. Hi Jonathan,
      The new 3.2.1 version, available in your downloads page, should fix this issue.
      Your feedback is welcome.
      Antonio B.

      1. Thank you. I have installed it and it appears to be working._____Not a big deal, but out of curiosity, is there a ‘best way’ to declare an item as FREE in groups pricing? Looks like you can get the same result by making the price something like $0.000001 with the caveat that my little green ‘FREE’ badge does not appear over the item thumbnail._____I appreciate the plugin. Very helpful. Regards.

        1. Hi,
          With your settings (Amount-Regular Price-Final Value), if you set ‘0’ in your product page (Groups Pricing tab), this should work.
          Kind Regards,
          Antonio B.

          1. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately it isn’t behaving that way. An entry of “0” functions the same as leaving it blank. Please see this link for new supporting images._____

          2. Hi Jonathan,
            Sorry, I can not replicate the same issue. If you send me dashboard admin access to indicating this conversation, I’ll have a look at this.
            Kind Regards,
            Antonio B.

  24. add wp all import integration plz..

    1. Hi Filippo,
      It would be interesting, we will study it.
      Thanks for the suggestion.
      Kind Regards,
      Antonio B.

  25. Mate

    Do you have a filter for the Group Pricing, so that we may be able to apply custom rounding?


  26. Hi,
    How i can to format the “discounted price” in css.
    I wish it was a different color than the original_price

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