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Groups MailChimp Integration

Groups Mailchimp Integration. Synchronizes Groups plugin with MailChimp. Select MailChimp list and a group and automatically new groups and users are added to this mailchimp group.


See documentation page for more information about setup and basic usage.

Video demo

[youtube_sc url=reJg4YJdUTg width=460]


You can download this plugin here.

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5 thoughts on “Groups2MailChimp

  1. Hi,
    you must first unzip the file in your computer. Into “plugin” folder you have the plugin to upload to your website.

  2. Hello,

    Loving the simplicity of this plugin. Just one question – is there a limit to the number of groups that will synchronise? i have some users who are members of more than 5 groups (geographical, special interests) – but it only seems to be synchronising the first 5. The new user gets correctly added to the wordpress groups upon registration, but not all of them in mailchimp.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi,
      sorry, the comments system had filtered your comment. There isn’t a limit, maybe an error during the synchronization.

  3. I just purchased this plugin. Here’s my question: Will it unsubscribe someone from the mailchimp list when they leave a group?

    1. Hi,
      yes, when an user leaves a group then he is unsubscribe to this mailchimp’s group.

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