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Prestashop Cookies Law Documentation



Backup your Prestashop installation files and database.

Install and activate the Prestashop Cookies Law module

If you have not done so already, install and activate the module.

Automatically: Go to Modules > Modules > Add new module, select the file. Now you can configure the module.

Manually: Unzip your file in "your_prestashop_installation_folder / modules". Then go to Modules > Modules, search by "Prestashop Cookies Law", activate the module, and you can configure the module.


Once installed, proceed to configure the module.

On Modules > Modules, search the module, and click in "Configure".


Top of page: Indicates where the message will be showed. If check it will be showed on top, else on bottom.

URL to your cms cookie policy: CMS cookie policy page.

Link to redirect to: If user doesn't accept the conditions, he will be redirected here.

Display “No, thanks” button: You can select if display or not this button.

“No, thanks” redirect to: URL destination of this button.

No click is accept?: If enable, it’s not neccesary to click on the accept button, so the new time that the user visit the store, cookies will be accepted automatically.

Basic usage

As simple as doing nothing. If you've installed, enabled and configured the plugin, you will see the result anywhere.

Once the user has accepted the conditions, the text will not reappear until he cleans her cookies, or one year elapses (time duration of the cookie)